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The Art of Messy Travel in Rome


A little secret about me…. I am a recovering perfectionist…amongst other things.

What does it mean to be a perfectionist?

Atelophobia; The fear of not being good enough


For me,  if you were to unexpectedly knock on my door in the middle of the day and my house was a mess and I hadn’t showered , I would feel a deep panic come over me. I cannot control the panic any more than I can control my bladder when I sneeze . The panic feels like a giant cobra has wrapped around my body and is squeezing as hard as it can. So, by the time I answer the door I feel faint and my mental processes are diminished to a single hamster spinning top speed on his wheel.

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Homeschool So Cool with these Science Kits

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I am kind of freaking out because I really wanted to get my 10 year old into our local STEM program….STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math….but we were too late applying and it sadly did not work out for us this year.

My boy is a self directed learner who keeps busy tearing apart computers, and other electronics leaving his room looking like a pawn shop. He gets to learn via creative chaos and I get to learn patience. Win win really.

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Best Ever Gluten Free Sourdough Loaf

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On our first big travel abroad I was determined to keep up with my healthy eating plan and sticking to a gluten free diet was on my to-do list.

I did not know how I would manage my autoimmune issues & menopause symptoms on the road, but expected I could keep up the same regimen I did back home.

What I did not account for is;

  • a) Traveling feels like escape and I seemed to easily slip into denial about my health issues
  • b) My self talk was at an all time high for nefarious collusion
  • c) France puts some kind of addictive substance in their baguettes and in one bite you are hooked and immediately start start thinking about how you will get your next baguette before you are even finished the one you have (not kidding!)
Realistically, by the time I hit Italy I not only had fallen off the wagon, but had actually burned it and sent it over a cliff while madly scarfing down tiramisu , pasta and pizza as if it was my last day on earth.

So now that I am home, I am reeling from the effects of the wagon burning incident and need to get back on track. I gained 40 lbs. My sleep sucks. I have no energy and my inflammation is at an all time high. Combine this with the fact that my oldest daughter tested positive for gluten allergy and a new motivation has returned.

One thing we loved and miss since going gluten free is a chewy, crusty, sourdough or french loaf.

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Grief, Honour, and Respect

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Original post can be read on The Huffington Post : Here

Travel is very different from vacation.

Vacation is a departure from all that troubles you. It is a time to relax and refresh and experience a steady state of happiness. It usually includes a swim up bar and copious amounts of relaxation. You typically come home tanned and feeling refreshed.

Travel is different.


It takes you into a deeper experience where you are faced with extreme highs , but you are also taken into the depths of hard emotions as you face the realities of life on the road. The realities of traveling 24/7 with others who you are in constant relationship with and in close quarters with and you are not always at your best when you are tired and needing space. The realities of staying on top of your game to not be mugged or taken advantage of. The realities of seeing the disparity between the haves and the have nots. The reality of having to push on to your next location when that feels like far more of a burden than you can bare…but you do it and it builds strength of character.

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Homeschool Hack #1: Creative Learning Cubby

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I had another Homeschool parent who saw this cubby say to me ” Wow this is awesome, you really have this homeschool thing down pat!” and as tempting as it was to bask in the glory of  THAT moment I had to share how it really came about…

When my first two began Homeschooling, the battle was to keep the daily 5923 “She’s breathing on me” fights to a minimum. Every time the fights would break out I would do what every good parent does and immediately start googling

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Do These 3 Things for a Yummy Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays and in all honesty, any holiday that involves a reason for stretchy pants is a good one. I try not to eat myself silly but lets face it….the turkey recipe I am about to share with you makes it very hard to not have seconds and then thirds and more for breakfast and then probably lunch. Really we eat the bird until the kids say “No more!” and then we disguise it as a  “Chicken” pot pie or a  “Vegetarian” chili or “Not turkey” fajitas .

Here are the 3 things we do for a yummy celebration of thanks;

1.Upside-Down Turkey

I love this recipe because it always produces a balance between deliciously

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