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Homeschool Hack #1: Creative Learning Cubby


I had another Homeschool parent who saw this cubby say to me ” Wow this is awesome, you really have this homeschool thing down pat!” and as tempting as it was to bask in the glory of  THAT moment I had to share how it really came about…

When my first two began Homeschooling, the battle was to keep the daily 5923 “She’s breathing on me” fights to a minimum. Every time the fights would break out I would do what every good parent does and immediately start googling

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RoastTurkey & Pumpkin Pie

Do These 3 Things for a Yummy Thanksgiving


Canadian Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays and in all honesty, any holiday that involves a reason for stretchy pants is a good one. I try not to eat myself silly but lets face it….the turkey recipe I am about to share with you makes it very hard to not have seconds and then thirds and more for breakfast and then probably lunch. Really we eat the bird until the kids say “No more!” and then we disguise it as a  “Chicken” pot pie or a  “Vegetarian” chili or “Not turkey” fajitas .

Here are the 3 things we do for a yummy celebration of thanks;

1.Upside-Down Turkey

I love this recipe because it always produces a balance between deliciously

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Tales from the Mudder Side


Last weekend I found myself on the side of a very,very, very (did I say very?) steep mountain soaking wet, frozen to the core, with shoes full of water and mud wishing the earth would just swallow me whole.

Maybe it was not wanting to say no to my super sweet friend Reiko who is a super fitness coach and super convincing.   Maybe it is my impulsive nature that whisper yells “jump in head first and work out the details later !” OR  Maybe A year ago,when I agreed….out loud…. to Mudderella  I thought I was brave enough. …Like

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Why we De-Schooled our Kids

It is still the beginning of the school year here in Canada and I know there are a few of you  crazy  brave ones who have decided to take on homeschooling your kids for the first time.

First of all…were you getting bored of all that personal quiet time you had while your kids were at school? Was uninterrupted coffee dates with your girlfriends getting a little dry? I see. You needed a challenge. I get it. I was there once too.

It took me a solid year of researching and reading about and talking to other

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Tasting wines in Gigondas France

Red Wines to Drink for Under $15

Hey, friends!

How was your week? Happy to be back in the swing of things with your kids back in school? We are in our 9th year of homeschooling and have 3 out of our 4 kids learning at home this year. Every year is different and I actually really love that about our homeschool experience.

So whether you send your kids to school, homeschool, unschool, world-school, or are simply a life long learner….let’s raise a glass to cheer each other on making it through another week!

This week’s WINE-DUP is all about easy drinking, yummy reds you will find for $15 or less.

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Why I Teach my Kids About Residential Schools






When I was a kid in school, we were still called Indians. Which is funny because;

  1. We are not from India
  2. We are actually Metis
  3.  I was about the whitest looking kid in my family….let alone my neighborhood

Being raised in the 70’s in an aboriginal-ish family and community meant I learned first hand how written history did not completely line up with actual reality. Hollywood taught me that we were either roving savages that needed to be tamed or wise elders with a feather headdress that spoke in stunted English  about stewarding the earth.

My Elementary school taught me about all the brave European explorers who came

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